Starbucks to Open in Underserved Communities in Southern Dallas and Trenton, NJ

Starbucks new stores in Dallas, TX and Trenton, NJ are part of the company’s strategy to invest in at least 15 underserved communities across the U.S. by 2018

Similar stores are open in Ferguson, MO; Englewood in Chicago; East Baltimore; Phoenix and Long Beach, CA; three more locations to open in 2017 in Birmingham, Seattle and Miami

DALLAS, TX and TRENTON, NJ (May 23, 2017) – Starbucks today announced two new locations in Dallas, TX and Trenton, NJ in its national initiative to invest in at least 15 underserved communities across the U.S. by 2018. In Dallas, the company will join the ongoing redevelopment and revitalization of the iconic Red Bird shopping district in southern Dallas with a unique new store aimed at creating economic opportunities by hiring locally, providing in-store training opportunities for youth, and working with local minority owned businesses. The store in Trenton, NJ, located downtown on South Warren Street, will have a similar mission in the community when it opens in late 2017. Six such Starbucks® stores have already opened in Ferguson, MO, central Phoenix, the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, NY, Englewood in Chicago’s Southside, East Baltimore, and Long Beach, CA, demonstrating that long-term investment in underserved communities can help drive opportunities for Starbucks business and the community.

Creating Economic Opportunities in Southern Dallas

Starbucks plans to work with local women- and minority owned contractors for the construction of its upcoming Red Bird store, and is evaluating minority owned suppliers in southern Dallas for a locally sourced product to feature in the café. Set to open in Spring 2018, the company hopes the new store will help spotlight local businesses, support their growth, and invest in the community. The Red Bird Starbucks will also be the first in the Dallas metropolitan area to have a unique in-store training space. Working with a local nonprofit organization, Starbucks will provide southern Dallas youth the opportunity to take part in a free multi-week job skills training program – based on Starbucks own renowned customer service curriculum. When trainings are not in session, the room will be available for local groups to use for meetings and dialog – serving as a vital hub for members of the community.

“While parts of southern Dallas continue to lack economic opportunity, there is a robust potential customer base, and a strong business and community led movement underway to revitalize those parts of the area that need it most,” said Traci York, regional vice president for South Central Operations for Starbucks. “We want to be a part of this effort, and show that with meaningful investment and a creative business model that reflects the needs of the community, we can create the kinds of economic opportunities that have the potential to generate long-term impact. This is both an opportunity to grow our business by reaching new customers, and to be part of a local solution for social change.”

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings added, “Starbucks is known for being a great corporate citizen and today’s announcement is a prime example of why. But make no mistake about it: Starbucks is not opening a store in Red Bird for charity. They recognize an unmet demand and they are investing in southern Dallas. This is what GrowSouth has long been about. Thank you, Starbucks, for your vision and leadership.”

Starbucks plans to work with local women- and minority owned contractors for the construction of the Red Bird store, and is evaluating minority owned suppliers in southern Dallas for a locally sourced product to feature in the café. In this way, the company hopes to shine a light on local businesses, support their growth, and invest in the community.

The Starbucks initiative is closely aligned with Red Bird owner Peter Brodsky’s broader vision to support the community, drive business investment in the area, create local jobs, and bring quality entertainment, dining and shopping options to southern Dallas.

“This Starbucks store represents exactly what we are trying to accomplish at Red Bird by providing a high-quality amenity to southern Dallas residents and simultaneously investing in the community to make a difference,” said Brodsky. “Starbucks is an ideal partner for the Red Bird development – a company with a first-class product, first-class service, and a deep commitment to the communities where it does business. I am proud to welcome Starbucks to Red Bird.”

Dallas Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Erik Wilson added, “It is a very exciting time for District 8, Red Bird, and Starbucks. Starbucks will have a new home at Red Bird coming soon. Red Bird and Starbucks represent a major economic turnaround in Dallas. We can see them all come to life, but it takes dedicated individuals and partnership from the community to help achieve its goals."

For Starbucks, the store at Red Bird marks an important milestone in a series of initiatives the company is championing to create greater economic opportunities for young people in Dallas. An estimated 13% of youth in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area are unemployed, a challenge that is compounded in southern Dallas where 25% of youth are not in school or employed[1]. Most recently on May 19, as part of Starbucks broader nationwide commitment to hire at least 100,000 Opportunity Youth – 16-24-year-olds who face barriers to employment and opportunity – by 2020, the company worked with more than 50 top U.S. companies to host the Dallas Opportunity Fair – an unprecedented, day-long, free job fair that brought together nearly 2,000 youth to interview with more than 30 employers including Starbucks, JCPenney, FedEx, HMS Host, Walmart, Macy’s, Pizza Hut and more. With hundreds of on-the-spot job offers – it was Texas’ largest hiring event ever geared towards young people who are disconnected from the Dallas economy, many from neighborhoods in southern Dallas.

First Starbucks in Trenton, NJ Part of National Initiative to Support Economic Revitalization

Starbucks is proud to also announce its first store in Trenton, NJ. Located on South Warren Street in downtown Trenton, the store, like the location planned in southern Dallas, is part of the company’s latest initiative to deepen investment in underserved neighborhoods in at least 15 communities by 2018. The goal is to contribute to ongoing economic development and revitalization in low to medium-income communities and create job opportunities for local youth. Starbucks is currently evaluating local minority owned vendors in the community to supply product for the store, and nonprofit organizations in the community to support its in-store job training program for opportunity youth. The store is expected to open in late 2017.

“We considered the impact Starbucks could have in this part of Trenton, and whether it would be a viable site in terms of driving our business and being profitable, while also serving the needs of the community with new jobs and economic investment,” said Camille Hymes, regional vice president for Mid-Atlantic Operations for Starbucks. “Both of those considerations – community impact and impact on business –led to this site being right for us. We could not be more proud of opening our very first Starbucks store in Trenton. As a Trenton native, this is undoubtedly a deeply personal project for me, and my team and I look forward to working with the community as we get ready to open later this year.”

Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson added, "Starbucks will be a welcome addition as we continue revitalizing our downtown business corridor. Through this store's unique model of investing in local contractors, suppliers and youth, Starbucks is stepping up and investing in our community in a way that will open up exciting opportunities for all. We hope more businesses will appreciate Trenton’s resurgence as we work together to drive economic development locally."

[1] Halve the Gap by 2030, Dallas Ft. Worth Metro Area Close-Up