Starbucks Commitment to Partners

Updated October 3, 2022 

Starbucks has a long legacy of putting our partners (employees) first. We were among the first companies to offer comprehensive health benefits and equity to those who work just 20 hours or more a week– it’s why we are called partners. 

We believe that when we invest in our partners, we are simultaneously investing in the success of Starbucks. It is the passion of our partners who wear the iconic green apron and the moments of connection they create in our stores that define the Starbucks Experience. 

More than 400,000 partners represent the diverse communities they serve around the world. They include working parents, military spouses, students and even those young people for whom putting on the green apron represents their first job – all working to achieve their own personal and career goals. We are committed to supporting our partners and their aspirations at Starbucks and beyond. 

To do this, we are constantly listening to and learning from our partners to co-create the future of Starbucks, while investing in our partners well-being so they can truly thrive – at work, as individuals and together. Working in retail can often mean long hours with high demands, leaving our partners feeling tired, stressed, and, frankly, undervalued at times. We know we are not perfect and need to do our best to make sure we support our partners and continue leading our industry in both retention and partner engagement.  

Our total pay package remains a fundamental differentiator from others in our industry. This means going beyond wage and health coverage, and offering a full suite of benefits that are relevant to the diverse needs of our partners around the world. 

We take great pride in knowing that no other company has pioneered more innovative benefits for full- and part-time employees around the world. 

Our industry-leading benefits for U.S. partners include:  

Outside the U.S., we have other innovative partner benefits to help address unique needs in different parts of the world, such as our Apprenticeship and Home Sweet Loan programs in the United Kingdom to help partners tackle the cost of living by providing interest-free loans, mental health services in Canada, and in China, a monthly housing subsidy for full-time Starbucks baristas and shift supervisors as well as comprehensive health insurance coverage for parents of partners.

It is our mission to be a different kind of company, and we will continue to evolve our benefits to fit the needs of our partners.