Choosing Compassion and Courage

Starbucks chairman and ceo Howard Schultz sent the following message to partners (employees) on July 8.

Dear partners,

I write you today in the wake of yet another series of tragedies paralyzing our country. As I woke up each morning this week to the all too familiar news of senseless violence and the faces of grieving family members, I couldn’t help but think about how common these events have become.

I have been searching for words to provide some comfort and assurance that this will end. But I remain at a loss.

As we all try to find some sort of normalcy in our day-to-day lives amidst these tragedies, I can only hope that, as partners, we continue take care of one another and remain in pursuit of greater unity and humanity. As I have said before, let’s all strive to choose compassion and courage, not only in times of crisis, but every day.

With respect,