Teavana’s President Draws Inspiration from Her Mother

Teavana president Annie Young-Scrivner's mother is her greatest example of strength and resilience. With Mother's Day nearing, she reflects on her mom’s personal journey.

“My mother, Nancy, and her family fled Shanghai for Taiwan during the cultural revolution,” Young-Scrivner explained.

In Taiwan, Young-Scrivner’s mother became an accountant, got married and gave birth to her daughter. The family moved to the United States in 1976, where she attended a community college to learn English and refine her accounting skills. Adjusting to a new country and at times dealing with racism was a challenge.

“I see my mother as the strength in our family,” Young-Scrivner said. “She has endured a lot in her lifetime, but she’s tough.”

Her mother’s perseverance has had a positive impact on Young-Scrivner throughout her school and career journey. Young-Scrivner worked her way through college and moved up the ranks at PepsiCo, where she started out driving a delivery truck and stocking grocery store shelves. Being exposed to tea at a young age has also been impactful as she now leads the way for Teavana.

"Growing up in a Chinese household, tea was everywhere. I remember drinking it and cooking with it alongside my mom as a little kid,” said Young-Scrivner. “I learned a lot about tea when I was a child and believe in its health benefits. Today, I make my own blends using Teavana teas.”

Young-Scrivner shares her love of tea with her own children, 14 year-old Sebastian and 10 year-old Nicolette. Initially, she was scared to be a mom, but is now grateful for what she has learned.

For Young-Scrivner, being a mom means helping her son and daughter grow into caring adults.

“I tell my children that they should strive to do their best, be thoughtful and kind, and give back," Young-Scrivner said. “We all have a responsibility to help other people.”

Young-Scrivner volunteers her time to support girls. She worked with a Seattle-based non-profit called Young Women Empowered, where she shares valuable advice stemming from her own career journey. She has given career lectures at the University of Washington, and is currently involved with Girls Inc., which provides more than 140,000 girls across the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and real solutions to the unique issues girls face.

“Sometimes kids just need a role model to see what’s possible,” said Young-Scrivner.

Reflecting back on her mother’s experiences has made Young-Scrivner grateful for everything she has accomplished in her career and as a mom.

“We have so much freedom here as women in the U.S.,” said Young-Scrivner. “I think we forget how lucky we are and that we can really define and paint our destiny.”

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