Starbucks Position on Cage-Free Eggs and Antibiotics

Since Starbucks first began buying cage-free eggs in 2008, we have made significant progress, increasing our purchases year over year. While there have been great strides in availability of the supply in the U.S., there is still work to be done across the industry to increase supply to address market availability globally. We are committed to working with our suppliers toward our goal to exclusively use 100 percent cage-free eggs and egg products in company-operated stores globally by 2020. In addition, Starbucks encourages its licensees to join this commitment and will work with them to extend it to Starbucks licensed stores.

Similarly, Starbucks engaged with our suppliers and set a goal to serve only poultry raised without the routine use of medically important antibiotics in all company operated U.S. stores by 2020. In 2018, we met that goal, two years ahead of schedule. The poultry we serve has been raised without the use of antibiotics.  Learn more about Starbucks Animal Welfare policies