10 Things to Know About Starbucks Before the 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Begins

10 Things to Know About Starbucks Before the 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Begins

  1. We believe diversity makes us better and we are committed to be even better. 
  2. 40% of our U.S. partners (employees) are minorities.
  3. Out of our top leaders (defined as senior vice president and above), 18% are minorities and 29% are women. (March 2015)
  4. Out of our vice presidents, 48% are women and 15% are minorities. (March 2015)
  5. We want partners to grow and develop a career through Starbucks.
  6. By 2025 we’ll help 25,000 partners achieve their dreams through our Starbucks College Achievement Plan benefit which provides full tuition reimbursement for junior and senior years of study through ASU Online. 
  7. We have approximately 12,000 stores in cities across the U.S. and plan to do even more in our urban neighborhoods.
  8. We’ve hired more than 3,300 U.S. veterans and military spouses as we approach our goal of 10,000 by 2018. 
  9. Over the next three years, we will hire 10,000 16-24 year-old young people who are not in school and/or not employed. 
  10. We’re continuing to double down on the investments we’re making in our people, building on last year’s $233 million investment in healthcare benefits and $210 million in partner Bean Stock (company equity) gains. 

What Starbucks is doing around race in America

We have announced a collaboration with USA Today that will create awareness and dialogue about race relations in America.

Race Together intends to tackle issues of bias and unconscious bias through education and conversational tools and Starbucks will bring the dialogue inside and outside our stores.

We will expand on the six open forums we’ve conducted across the country that engaged our partners on race relations in American while embracing our mission and values.

We’ll continue to work with community leaders, mayors, police and community organizations about education and job opportunities for 16-24 year-olds who are not in school or unemployed.

Starbucks has a goal of graduating 25,000 partners by 2025 through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan benefit we offer with ASU.

Over the next three years, Starbucks is committed to creating pathways to opportunity for 10,000 16-24 year-old young people who are either not in school or currently employed.

Starbucks believes the role and responsibility of a public company extends to society and that we can use our scale for good.