Teavana Headquarters Moves to Seattle

As we seek to scale our tea expertise to support our global tea ambition, we have decided to move our Teavana headquarters, which currently employs 99 partners, from Atlanta to Seattle in order to more effectively leverage the talent and capabilities across our global business.

Announcing the move, Annie Young-Scrivner, executive vice president and president, Teavana, said: “What first drew us to Teavana was the Company’s unmatched knowledge and authority around all things tea. This coupled with broader, more immediate access to the diverse talent and unique capabilities across the Seattle-based Support Center, will enhance our ability to innovate in the tea category, up-level the customer experience and deliver growth for this critical business to the Company.”

The transition of Teavana headquarters to Seattle from Atlanta will begin October 2014 and, based on the type of work, the impact to the specific role and associated timeline will vary.

We value the heritage of the Teavana brand and the success our Atlanta-based partners have brought to it. We are working closely with all the partners in our Atlanta Teavana office to ensure each partner is supported, whether they relocate to Seattle, transition to another role at Starbucks or their position will be eliminated and they need support in seeking new opportunities outside of the Company.

In the nearly two years since Starbucks acquired Teavana, we’ve made tremendous progress against our plans to integrate, develop and expand the tea industry and the Teavana retail platform through Teavana Tea Bars.

We are also expanding and deepening the presence of high-quality Teavana branded teas within Starbucks stores in order to leverage tea as a driver of additional customer occasions, create wide recognition for the Teavana brand and add another layer of growth within Starbucks stores.