Fact Sheet: TAZO Launches Three Organic Teas

TAZO® is launching three organic teas exclusively available at Whole Foods – Organic Earl Grey Noir, Organic Earl Grey Blanc and Organic Sultry Strawberry. Each aromatic tea is artfully blended with the finest natural ingredients to give these classic black teas a flavorful twist.

Enjoying a cup of TAZO® tea is like capturing a botanical garden in a cup. TAZO® blends their teas from among over 200 teas, spices and botanicals to create flavorful teas.

Discover why TAZO® is a garden of tea in every cup with these three exclusive Whole Foods flavors:

  • TAZO® Organic Earl Grey Blanc

Vanilla notes in this black tea soften Earl Grey’s heady bergamot disposition.

  • TAZO® Organic Earl Grey Noir

A bold take on our aromatic blend of black tea and bergamot.

  • TAZO® Organic Sultry Strawberry

Subtle essence of strawberry suspended in black tea.