Fact Sheet: Starbucks Latin America

Starbucks Coffee Heritage in Latin America

Latin America has been a key sourcing region since the company’s founding in 1971. The strong coffee heritage is the heart of Starbucks success in the region. These bright and flavourful beans are produced in the region and are enjoyed in all 65 countries where Starbucks coffee is served. Starbucks is proud to source coffee mainly form Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, México, Panamá, Peru and Puerto Rico. We have become the largest buyer and roaster of high-quality Colombian Arabica coffee globally and the largest exporter of Colombian coffee in the world. Starbucks is excited to be part of the momentum of coffeehouse growth in Latin America. Since entering Mexico in 2002, coffee consumption is estimated to have increased 100-150%.

Starbucks Coffee Company in Latin America

Starbucks has been purchasing coffee from Latin America for more than 40 years and operating stores in the region for more than 10 years. Starbucks is committed to doing business responsibly – both where retail stores are located and in the regions where coffee is grown. As a company Starbucks has always believed in the importance of building a great, enduring company that strikes a balance between profitability and a social conscience. Today, Starbucks has more than 740 stores across 13 countries within the region and has served more than 100 million Latin American customers in 2013.