Fact Sheet: Starbucks Colombia – Parque de la 93

At Starbucks, we have the unique opportunity to be a part of people’s lives where they live, work and play. With 18 studios around the world, we’re able to design stores to reflect the neighborhoods we serve, thereby enhancing the connection our customers and partners (employees) make over a cup of coffee. Starbucks® first store in Bogota is the next chapter in that story – a beautiful space designed to honor Colombia’s rich coffee heritage and Starbucks 43-year history purchasing premium arabica coffee from Colombia coffee farmers.

Key Highlights

First Starbucks® store in the world to serve 100 percent locally sourced coffee.

Starbucks at Parque de la 93 is designed to be a celebration of Colombia’s high-quality, arabica coffee. The store will serve five different varieties of Colombian coffee, including Colombia Espresso, Colombia Espresso Decaf, the single-origin Colombia Nariño, Colombia and a special limited-edition Colombia El Peñol coffee. Colombia is the first country in the world where Starbucks is serving 100 percent locally sourced coffee.

First Starbucks® store in Latin America to offer Starbucks Reserve® coffee.

A special collection of rare, exquisite arabica coffees sourced from smallholder and estate farms around Colombia, available for a limited time in select stores.

First Starbucks® store in Latin America to offer The Clover® Brewing System.

Which lets customers discover new layers and dimensions within a coffee’s familiar aroma, flavor, body and acidity, brewed fresh by the cup. Clover® brewed coffee is only available in select Starbucks® stores.

Four areas for four unique coffee experiences.

Starbucks at Parque de la 93 offers a beautiful terrace for customers who want to enjoy their coffee outdoors, a main retail area for grab-and-go options, an interactive coffee bar experience on the second level where customers can discover new types of coffee and different brewing methods like the pour-over style Chemex® Coffeemaker or the classic coffee press, and a quiet seating area upstairs for customers who want to simply relax and recharge.

A true collaboration between Starbucks and local artisans and designers, featuring locally sourced materials.

The Starbucks store design team, led by Starbucks senior designer for Latin America Bret Lewis, worked closely with well-known painter and illustrator Luis Carlos Cifuentes (who grew up in the Santander area and now works in Bogota), Colombian industrial and furniture designers Ana Reza Hadden and Mariana Veira, and Perceptual Studio, a Medellin-based interiors company, to create a store design that connects the Starbucks brand to Colombia’s rich artistic heritage.