Fact Sheet: Starbucks and Dannon

Starbucks announced in July 2013 the beginnings of a strategic agreement to offer a jointly created and developed selection of new, specialty Greek yogurt products in participating Starbucks stores and in grocery channels in the U.S. This will advance Dannon's mission to get Americans to eat yogurt every day, while growing Starbucks healthy food and beverage choices for its customers under the company's Evolution Fresh brand. As a result of the relationship, a new product line and brand: Evolution Fresh Inspired by Dannon was created, representing the best of both organizations.

Upgrading Parfaits at Starbucks

Since then, Starbucks has transformed their existing yogurt parfaits by switching to Dannon’s nonfat Greek yogurt in all Starbucks company-operated stores in the U.S. The new and improved parfait now offers the additional protein found in Greek yogurt.

Select Market Test of Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothies Inspired by Dannon

Beginning June 24, 2014, in St. Louis, Missouri and San Jose, California, Starbucks will test an assortment of handcrafted Evolution Fresh™ High Pressure Processed, Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothies, Inspired by Dannon. These naturally delicious smoothies are made with cold-pressed, high pressure processed juice, Dannon Greek yogurt, and contain no artificial colors or flavors. They range from 170 to 230 calories for a 16 oz. serving.

The Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothie test will feature three handcrafted varieties with the option to add fresh kale or extra Greek yogurt:

  • Strawberry – a fruit-forward Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothie with a hint of apple and banana, 200 Calories
  • Mango Carrot – a fruit and vegetable-based Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothie with a hint of Pineapple, 230 Calories
  • Sweet Greens – a vibrant fruit and vegetable-based Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothie with a hint of mango and banana, 170 Calories


Customers can expect to see continued innovation under the Evolution Fresh and Dannon relationship. Starbucks aims to introduce additional specialty Greek yogurt products in both our retail stores and grocery channels in the coming year.