Fact Sheet: Fizzio Handcrafted Sodas

This summer Starbucks is introducing New Fizzio™ Handcrafted Sodas to our cold beverage line-up – a breakthrough in carbonation technology. We’re doing soda the way only Starbucks can – made-to-order from premium ingredients, not from a can or dispensed from a fountain! Customers can enjoy three refreshing, brewed offerings – Spiced Root Beer, Golden Ginger Ale and Lemon Ale – each containing no artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup with 100 calories or less in a Grande (16 fl oz) Available starting June 24 at select Starbucks locations in the Sunbelt region.

Classic Flavors with a Twist

Fizzio™ Handcrafted Sodas are rooted in classic flavors, but with a signature twist to deliver tastes customers have never experienced from any other soda.

  • Instead of using syrup, we use a batch brewed concentrate base with real, premium ingredients to develop complex and layered flavors.
  • We add carbonation to the finished beverage with the Fizzio™ machine, ensuring every ingredient receives the same level of carbonation.
  • Beverages are sweetened with real cane sugar and are free from high fructose corn syrup.

Customizable Carbonation

Because our customers value customization, and handcrafted beverages are central to the Starbucks Experience, we built a machine from the ground up to deliver a premium, handcrafted and customizable soda experience. The result is our proprietary Fizzio™ machine conceived and developed in-house with some of the top carbonation experts in the industry. Since customization is so important to our customers, we had the Fizzio™ machine built with the capability to adjust the amount of carbonization in beverages. Customers will also be able to “add fizz” to existing beverages like Iced Tea and Starbucks Refreshers™ beverages for $.50 USD.