Our Commitment to Comprehensive Health Care

Starbucks was one of the first U.S. retailers to offer affordable and comprehensive health coverage to eligible full- and part-time partners (employees) and their families. It’s been a cornerstone of our partner-focused culture for more than two decades. As America’s health care system changes in the coming years, Starbucks is committed to continuing to be a leader in doing the right thing by ensuring that our partners have the peace of mind that comes with affordable health care.

Partners who work an average of 20 hours per week or more have the option of two quality health plans. Hourly and salaried partners are offered the same plans. For both plans, Starbucks funds approximately 70 percent of the premium costs and covers 100 percent of preventive care services. New in 2014, the company will also fund 100 percent of women’s preventive health coverage. We’re proud of our plan and believe it’s one of the many reasons people want to work at Starbucks.

To help make the complexities of the changing health care system simpler and easier to understand, we have developed tools and resources for all partners, including these videos that explain our company’s responsibilities to our partners, as well as their options. For partners not currently eligible for Starbucks plans, we have created a new State Marketplace Information Center where they can learn about options available in the new insurance marketplace.