Join  Starbucks  in  making  planet-positive  choices 

We’re  committed  to  reducing  waste.  In  fact,  we’re  targeting  to  cut  the  footprint  of  our  carbon,  water  and  waste  sent  to  landfills  in  half  by  2030.  It’s  all  part  of  our  aspiration  to  give  back  more  than  we  take  from  the  planet. 

Here’s  what  we’re  doing  to  reach  our  goals,  and  what  you  can  do,  too. 

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Profile view of woman drinking a bright pink  beverage from a Starbucks branded reusable cup
Better Together

Simple  steps  to  reduce  your  impact 

Here  are  some  tips  for  your  next  visit 

  • Personal Cup
    Bring  in  a  clean  personal  cup  to  a  café  and  receive  10¢  off  at  participating  stores.  Starbucks  Rewards  members  get  25  stars,  too 
  • Take what you need
    Only  take  what  you  need,  such  as  straws,  utensils,  napkins,  stoppers  and  to-go  bags 
  • Gift card
    Reduce  waste,  gift  with  purpose.  Consider  an  eGift  when  treating  friends  and  family 
  • Non-dairy alternative
    Try  one  of  our  delicious  nondairy  beverages 
Greener Stores

Here  are  a  few  ways  we’re  working  to  reduce  waste 

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  • Hand displaying Starbucks reusable cup toward camera in front of  green, plant background

    Testing  ways  to  cut  back  on  single-use  cup  waste 

    We’re  rolling  out  tests  in  the  U.S.  and  globally  to  encourage  customers  to  bring  their  own  reusable  cup  or  borrow  a  Starbucks-provided  reusable,  returnable  cup  when  dining  in  or  taking  their  beverage  to  go.  Coming  in  2023,  customers  will  be  able  to  bring  their  own  reusable  cup  for  mobile  orders  and  in  the  drive  thru,  too. 

  • Digital Drawing of a Starbucks concept store interior showing barista workspace and the recycled materials

    Building  for  a  better  future 

    Designed  with  responsible  materials  and  innovations  to  reduce  carbon  emissions,  water  usage  and  landfill  waste,  we’re  building  new  stores  and  retrofitting  existing  ones  to  meet  our  goal  of  10,000  Greener  Stores  around  the  world  by  2025. 

  • Human holding 1gal milk jug and cardboard while using Starbucks store iPad to determine recycling steps needed

    Innovating  in  our  stores 

    Our  store  partners  (employees)  are  key  to  achieving  our  planet-positive  goals,  and  we  want  them  to  have  the  tools  they  need  to  be  successful.  The  Starbucks  Partner  Waste  and  Recycling  App  provides  everything  stores  need  to  know  about  recycling  and  composting  in  their  local  area. 

  • Helping  our  planet  and  our  communities 

    100%  of  our  U.S.  company-owned  stores  have  access  to  Starbucks  FoodShare,  a  program  that  prevents  food  available  for  donation  from  ending  up  in  waste  streams,  and  instead  distributes  it  to  people  facing  hunger  in  communities  across  the  country. 

    Since  2016,  the  FoodShare  program  has  resulted  in:  

    • food waste
      47.3 million pounds of food diverted from waste streams
    • food waste
      89.9 million pounds CO2 equivalent diverted from waste streams
    • food waste
      39.4 million meals provided to neighbors in need

According to the USDA, 1.2 pounds of food is the equivalent to one meal