People in Coffee

At Starbucks, we call it the bean-to-cup journey – the incredible, global coffee production story that starts on a farm and ends in your hand. We’d like you to meet the people who touch Starbucks coffee along the way – farmers, agronomists, roasters, buyers, engineers, coffee masters, retail partners and more - who exemplify what we stand for. Meet the people behind your cup.

Alajuela Province, Sabanilla, Costa Rica

Hacienda Alsacia


Walquiria took over her father’s farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and is now a community leader


Bahati, an agronomist in Tanzania, is helping coffee farmers adopt a business mindset


Karima, a Coffee Master and store manager in Canada, on the responsibility of wearing the Black Apron


Bean-to-Cup Journey

Learn about coffee’s bean-to-cup journey from the people involved at every step.

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What We Stand For

Meet the people who bring our mission and values to life.

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Coffee Around the World

Understand the people and cultures in the countries where we buy coffee.

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