Our Customer Promise: Uplift the everyday

From the original third place to the newest Starbucks stores, we’re all about connecting and meeting our customers where they are. Our promise to our customers is to uplift the everyday, providing a superior coffee and customer experience every time they visit us.

We celebrate our customers by offering a variety of drinks and food choices that are as unique as every customer we meet. Our global stores serve menus that reflect and respect the people we serve and their beverage traditions. We are building inclusive and accessible design elements in our stores that help every customer enjoy their Starbucks experience. And we are witnesses to countless moments of kindness through the windows of more than 38,000 stores around the world. We share these moments to uplift the everyday, and to help build a kinder, braver world. 

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Uplifting the Every Day Through Kindness​

We aim to not only celebrate coffee, but also to foster positive connections in our communities. We have the privilege to see our partners, customers and communities connect over everyday moments of kindness in ways both big and small. To help communities recognize kindness that is all around them, while also reinforcing Starbucks commitment to creating a culture of belonging where everyone is welcome, Starbucks invited customers and partners to uplift the everyday through stickers, cards and kind notes in store and via an augmented reality experience.

Third Place

Our priority is to create environments in our stores that are safe, welcoming and kind for our partners and customers. Through the Third Place Policy, we ask everyone in our stores to treat others with respect and dignity, free of bias and discrimination. As a company, we routinely review the partner and customer experience in our stores, to ensure the store is thriving, partners are feeling supported, and that we are meeting customer and community needs. 

Our Mission and Promises come to life in our stores, a third place where everyone is welcome, feels a sense of belonging and where we can uplift one another over coffee.

Inclusive & Accessible Design

Starbucks is committed to developing, testing and scaling inclusive design standards and experiences with and for people who have lived experience with disability. We are working to expand this effort across our store portfolio, starting in the U.S. and then globally, with the goal of ensuring that physical and digital Starbucks environments will meet an elevated standard of accessibility by 2030.

Because we are in the business of fostering human connection, we are regularly creating more ways for customers and partners to communicate both visually and audibly, while also offering more tools to help customers and partners navigate our physical store environments.

For example, since 2021 Starbucks has offered the Aira service free of charge to our customers who are blind or have low vision. Customers can use the app to connect with trained visual interpreters who provide visual information about their surroundings. Starbucks also offers multiple formats of the menu including large-print and Braille menus in all stores in the U.S. and Canada.