Sandra Stark

senior vice president, Enterprise Integration, Global Supply Chain

Sandra Stark is senior vice president, Enterprise Integration, Global Supply Chain for Starbucks. In this role, Sandy partners across the Starbucks enterprise to develop strategies, organize, plan, make decisions, and execute rollout of new initiatives. She also translates business strategies to supply chain leadership, maximizing the ability to transform and evolve to meet growing business demands.  

Previously, she led the Data, Analytics & Insights, and Business Operations (DAIBO) organization at Starbucks and was responsible for building and executing AI/ML solutions, creating and managing reporting tools, and delivering insights that improve experiences, identify opportunities and mitigate potential risks. Sandy has also led the development and execution of product strategy (beverage, food, merchandise, coffee, equipment), product portfolio management, and pricing. She was also responsible for the product strategy for Starbucks Reserve, which includes our Reserve Store segment as well as our Starbucks Roasteries. 

Sandy joined Starbucks in 2002 and has held numerous roles in the category and marketing organization. Sandy led the Starbucks Card business in 2004 and was responsible for building distribution outside of Starbucks and growing the business-to-business sales team. Sandy also led the Starbucks Food business from 2008 to 2012, during which time she led the effort to change every recipe across Starbucks food offering; up leveling the quality of Starbucks food and removing all artificial ingredients. She also led the Blended, Refreshment and Tea teams, launched the Starbucks Refreshers platform, and supported the integration of Teavana into Starbucks stores. 

In 2012, she took on a newly formed role as vice president of Global Innovation in the Global Marketing organization. She led the work to develop the company’s coffee and beverage innovation pipeline with products that ensured Starbucks beverage leadership through groundbreaking offerings such as nitro cold brew. She was promoted to senior vice president, Product in 2015 and took on the role of senior vice president, DAIBO in April 2022. 

Prior to joining Starbucks, Sandy was a consultant with McKinsey and Company in both the Chicago and London offices and left as an Associate Principal after six years. Before McKinsey, Sandy was an engineer with both General Electric and General Motors. 

Sandy holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and B.S. degrees in Engineering and Statistics from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Sandy starts every morning off with a short Flat White and her favorite brewed coffee is Guatemala Casi Cielo.