Brady Brewer

chief executive officer, Starbucks International

Brady Brewer was named chief executive officer, Starbucks International, in 2024. In his role, he has oversight of the teams across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Japan, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the company’s international licensed partners.

Prior to that, he served as Starbucks chief marketing officer and led the Starbucks brand, marketing, food and beverage portfolio, digital customer experience innovation, R&D/Engineering, creative and brand management, consumer insights, data analytics and sustainability.

Since joining Starbucks in 2001, Brady has held various Starbucks leadership roles that have helped define the modern Starbucks experience, elevate the brand and drive rapid sales growth around the globe.

This includes global leadership roles such as chief operating officer for Starbucks Japan, leading store operations as well as brand and marketing strategy; senior vice president, Marketing and Product for the company’s China and Asia Pacific region; and senior vice president of Digital Customer Experience for Starbucks, with a focus on delivering new innovations that made the Starbucks Experience continually more effortless and delightful for customers.

Prior to Starbucks, Brady held marketing and product management roles with technology companies, including Avenue A/Aquantive (now Microsoft), Visio Corporation (now Microsoft) and Microsoft’s European Operations Center in Dublin, Ireland. Brady has a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

Brady is a certified Starbucks Coffee Master, a distinction that demonstrates his passion for coffee and a duty that has taken him to the remote coffee farms of Costa Rica and Sumatra. This experience left him with a profound appreciation for how the values of Starbucks result in a sustainable future for coffee agriculture and coffee farming communities.

Outside of work, Brady enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the outdoors. He has competed as an athlete at a world championship level, including racing in more than 10 Ironman triathlons.