Executive Team

Belinda Wong

chairman of Starbucks China

As chairman of Starbucks China, Belinda Wong focuses on delivering a holistic, long term strategy for Starbucks in China, to achieve sustainable, long-term growth at scale in Starbucks largest and fastest-growing international market. She is also responsible for exploring strategic investments and partnerships in China’s vibrant tech landscape, as well as driving positive social impact for people and planet via the Beijing Starbucks Foundation. Belinda is a member of Starbucks global executive leadership team, contributing more than 20 years of rich field knowledge and leadership in China and the Asia Pacific region to the company’s global decision making.

Belinda helmed Starbucks China as ceo from 2011 to 2021, before elevating a team of talented, values-driven leaders groomed to drive its next growth chapter. During her tenure as ceo, she led China’s unprecedented growth to become one of Starbucks two lead markets. She grew the business from fewer than 500 stores to a vital engine of nearly 6,000, fueling the company’s business growth and performance on a global scale.

Under Belinda’s leadership, Starbucks became one of the most successful multinational brands operating in China, with a robust and dynamic business built in China, for China. In addition to best-in-class capabilities to scale its business, Starbucks has been at the forefront of retail innovation, redefining the retail and coffee experience in China with the opening of the first international Starbucks Reserve® Roastery in Shanghai, and expanding digital touchpoints with customers. Belinda created one of the most successful loyalty programs in Starbucks history, with Starbucks Rewards membership in China growing to nearly 80 million, including close to 20 million 90-day active members. Member insights help fuel innovation and inform decision-making across product development, customer engagement and more. Also in the digital space, the launch of China’s mobile ordering service has grown rapidly to make up more than one-third of company sales in just three years.

Belinda also helped scale Starbucks culture and values by pioneering people-positive innovations that have resonated deeply with its close to 70,000 partners (employees) and their families, as well as local communities across China. Belinda has cultivated an inclusive and tightly-knitted Starbucks China ‘family’ culture through groundbreaking programs such as partner family forums, critical illness insurance not just for partners, but also their parents, and the establishment of the Beijing Starbucks Foundation in China in 2020, deepening Starbucks commitment to leverage its scale for good to address key issues and uplift local communities.

In addition, Belinda helped support a sustainable future for coffee in China with the opening of Starbucks Farmer Support Center in Yunnan in 2012, which offers free agronomy expertise and resources to help local coffee farmers adopt more sustainable farming practices while improving crop yield. In 2019, Starbucks announced a US$156 million investment in the Starbucks China Coffee Innovation Park, its largest manufacturing investment outside the U.S., which will set a new benchmark for sustainable manufacturing and smart supply chain innovation when it opens in 2023.

Belinda serves on the Faculty Advisory Board for her alma mater University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, and is an INED for Hysan Development Company (0014.HK) and Television Broadcasts Limited (00511.HK). In 2020, she was among only 10 recipients to be presented the “Magnolia Gold Award” by the Shanghai Municipal Government, in recognition of her continued outstanding contributions towards Shanghai’s economic and social development. Belinda also appears regularly on lists of most powerful businesswomen by Forbes and Fortune, both in China and around the world.