Starbucks Egypt unveils a store in Giza inside the Grand Egyptian Museum

Walk like an Egyptian and head down to the largest archaeological museum in the world – the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). This month, the GEM officially opens a Starbucks store, located outside of Cairo on the Giza Plateau and next to the famous ancient pyramids – making Starbucks the only international coffee chain within the museum.

In alignment with the Pyramids' location and part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the GEM demonstrates 7,000 years of ancient Egyptian history through an array of artefacts.

The store draws inspiration from local heritage architecture with textures and patterns that are exceptional – engraved panels, colours, and materials are all inspired by ancient Egypt.

The shapes of the bars and the geometric patterns on the walls are reminiscent of the GEM's exterior and its setting in the exhibition of ancient Egyptian artifacts. The design is also inspired by the development of what is currently Egypt's largest museum while creating an innovative Starbucks Experience.