Starbucks EMEA Barista Championship Returns for its 10th Anniversary

The Starbucks EMEA Barista Championship is set to make its triumphant return for the 10th time. A celebration of coffee craft and passion, the yearly event brings together green apron partners from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, showcasing their exceptional knowledge and shared commitment to the art of coffee craft.

It all starts in store, store champions then compete in district and regional heats, working their way to the national finals where one barista is eventually named National Barista Champion meaning they're the best barista in their market.

National Champions then compete in the EMEA finals to be named overall champion across Starbucks EMEA, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Year after year, Barista Championship-mania takes over Starbucks, here are five reasons why:

1. A Decade of Opportunity:

Since its inception, the EMEA Barista Championship has stood as a beacon of opportunity for thousands of aspiring baristas. The competition has provided a platform for up-and-coming talents to shine, proving that every green apron partner possesses the potential to become the best barista. As the 10th edition approaches in 2023, the excitement is palpable, as green apron partners gear up to showcase their coffee passion, knowledge, and craft in the biggest competition to-date.

2. A Symphony of Coffee Expertise:

Green apron partners represent the heartbeat of Starbucks, and their involvement in the championship is a testament to their status as coffee aficionados. With the ability to hand-craft innovative and great-tasting beverages, and unparalleled levels of knowledge, each brew, pour, and craft, is a symphony composed of years of coffee dedication and love.

3. Forging Connections through Coffee:

Beyond the thrill of competition, the EMEA Barista Championship fosters a unique shared experience. Partners come together from different corners of the region, perfecting their skills and forging meaningful connections through their shared love of coffee. As partners collaborate and learn from one another, the championship becomes a powerful testament to the sense of community and human connection that lies at the heart of Starbucks.

4. From Local Passion to National Glory:

The journey to becoming the best barista begins at the local store level, where store champions emerge. These dedicated partners then elevate their craft through district and regional heats, each step bringing them closer to the coveted title of National Barista Champion. The championship becomes a caring obsession, a pursuit of excellence that culminates in the recognition of being the best barista in their respective market.

5. Ambassadors of Coffee Craft and Connection:

Becoming a Barista Champion is not just a personal achievement; champions become ambassadors for Starbucks, empowered to share their knowledge, passion, and expertise with fellow partners and customers alike. Barista Champions uphold the Starbucks Experience through meaningful connections over coffee and their ability to effortlessly tell the tale of coffee’s journey from bean to cup.

Anticipation builds across EMEA as the countdown to the Barista Championship final begins. The grand final is set for 6 October, where one partner will don the coveted purple apron, an apron only awarded to EMEA Barista Champions.

Still wondering what it takes to make a champion? Look no further than South Africa who have won two out of the past three competitions:

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Starbucks files UK and EMEA accounts for the fiscal year ended October 2023