From Manchester to Milan, Starbucks partners celebrate Pride across Europe

The celebrations are in full swing this year as Starbucks partners across Europe put on their ‘You Belong Here’ and ‘Love Onwards’ t-shirts, and take to the streets of various European cities to showcase their support for the international Pride network.

See below for some of the highlights from the past few months, from our green-apron partners (employees) in Vienna, Zurich, Milan, and Manchester.

Manchester, UK

As part of our longstanding support of the LGBTQIA+ community, this year, Starbucks UK has further extended its sponsorship of Manchester Pride.

Regarding the partnership, Mark Fletcher, Manchester Pride CEO, said: "Starbucks approached Manchester Pride three years ago seeking to authentically engage with LGBTQ+ communities and has since been a proud partner of Manchester Pride's volunteer programme. With Starbucks invaluable support, we’re able to create more opportunities for LGBTQ+ people to make new connections, develop new skills, and help local queer communities to thrive. 

“Manchester Pride’s All Equals Charter exists to help make the workplace inclusive, diverse and equal for marginalised people, and as a member of the All Equals Charter, Starbucks receives support from our expert team to promote sustainable change within their organization — proudly adhering to a number of commitments that help us collectively work towards an equal world for all.”

Milan, Italy

As well as proudly displaying the Pride flag above the entrance all June, partners at the Starbucks Starbucks Reserve® Roastery in Milan greeted customers with an extra dose of Starbucks warm and welcoming spirit this summer, wearing their vibrant Pride t-shirts to also encourage customers to embrace the city and celebrate its ‘open to everyone’ culture.

Zurich, Switzerland

Through the streets of Zürich, Swiss Starbucks partners raised their flags and wore their “Love Onward” t-shirts, representing the idea of accepting all people as they are.

Vienna, Austria

Our Austrian partners joined 250,000 fellow supporters in the Vienna parade to celebrate this year’s Pride, complete with face paint, flags, and colourful balloons. Celebrating together to set an example of acceptance for customers and the local community.