Barista Championship Lookback

As we countdown to the 10th Barista Championship Final hosted in London, in three weeks' time, we look back at Starbucks EMEA’s past three champions and see how they have kept their coffee passion alive since.

2022 Phuti – South Africa

Phuti, the 2022 EMEA Barista Champion, describes the profound happiness of his achievement, his passion for inspiring partners at Starbucks, and his journey from the championship to becoming a district barista coach, emphasising the importance of nurturing individual sparks of coffee passion to create exceptional baristas.

2021 Cynthia – Lebanon

Cynthia, the 2021 EMEA Barista Champion, recounts the exhilarating moment of her victory, describes the opportunities and connections her win has brought, her passion for training others, and how the experience has enriched her life through meaningful connections over coffee.

2019 Teddy – South Africa

Teddy, the 2019 EMEA Barista Champion, is living his dream, inspiring others through his passion for coffee, and embracing a fulfilling journey that involves training and connecting with green apron partners daily.

You can find out who will take home the golden pitcher, purple apron and ‘2023 EMEA Barista Champion’ title on 6 October.