Wanderlust: Top 12 Starbucks stores to visit across EMEA in 2022

Starbucks coffeehouses have become a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere: a place where customers know they can count on our unique barista and customer connection, enjoy our welcoming Third Place, and a responsibly sourced, expertly roasted, and handcrafted coffee every time.

Each Starbucks store is a reflection of the local community it serves, bringing the safe, familiar and convenient Starbucks Experience to customers around the world. Here are some of Starbucks EMEA’s most scenic store opening from 2021 to visit this year or admire from afar.

Tower Place, London, United Kingdom

Commence your journey in London at Starbucks Tower Place store, which boasts spectacular views of the Tower of London. The highlight of the store’s design is the Reserve bar, complete with a state-of-the-art Black Eagle coffee machine, allowing customers to enjoy Starbucks premium coffee offering in a luxurious setting.

O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom

Below one of London’s most popular entertainment venues, the O2 Arena, you will discover a Starbucks store designed to create an enticing and bold space full of colour, light, and fun for customers to enjoy. This includes bespoke artwork which creates a stunning third place for customers to recharge and connect with friends.

Muizenberg, South Africa

Travel 6,000 miles south, and you will arrive at Starbucks Muizenberg store in the Western Cape, South Africa. The store embodies the beach-side town, which is renowned for its surfing community and beach huts. Customers can enjoy the spectacular scenery through the store’s glazed façade, as well as the ocean inspired Siren artwork and bar.

Drakenstein, Paarl, South Africa

Also located within the Western Cape, is Starbucks store in the Drakenstein Valley. The store is inspired by the distinctive natural beauty of the local area and historic vineyards that characterise it.

Nile City Boat, Cairo, Egypt

Traveling north to Cairo, Egypt, you will find Starbucks Nile City Boat store. Situated on the bank of the world’s largest river, the store is complete with a bar and seating that have been designed to complement the magnificent views of the river.

Ayvalik Kirlangic, Turkey

Sail across the Mediterranean, and you will arrive at Starbucks next waterside store in Ayvalik, a coastal town in western Turkey. The former olive oil and soap factory has a unique store design which combines inspiration from the local architecture – using tones and designs from nearby buildings – with the familiarity and sense of community the Starbucks Experience is known for.

Boulevard Reserve Store, KSA

Head south in the Arabian Peninsula to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you will discover Starbucks Boulevard Reserve Store. The store’s design takes inspiration from the architectural World Heritage Site at Ad Diriyah, a short distance from The Boulevard. The store champions Starbucks coffee craft culture and includes a Reserve bar where customers can experience the Black Eagle coffee machine.

Ajdan Walk, Al Khobar, KSA

Located in the east of the Kingdom, the Al Khobar store was designed to celebrate the Kingdom’s vibrant culture and throughout the store. Bespoke artwork of the precious jewellery, craft and detail that the local area is known for is found throughout the store.

National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait

Journey northwards through the Persian Gulf, and you will arrive at the Starbucks National Bank of Kuwait store. The Black Eagle coffee machine only store champions Starbucks coffee craft, offering customers a feeling of luxury and innovative coffee experiences. The store channels the surrounding area’s maritime heritage with unique woodcarvings present throughout.

Dubai Airport, UAE

Next visit the United Arab Emirates, where you will be able to enjoy the Starbucks Experience right from your arrival at the airport. The store has been designed to offer weary travellers the opportunity to relax and enjoy a delicious coffee in a warm, welcoming environment.

Dubai Mall, UAE

In support of the company’s aspiration to become resource positive by 2030, Starbucks Dubai Mall store has been designed with sustainability at its core. The store’s construction utilises recycled plastic water bottles and re-purposed marble off-cuts from other Starbucks stores recently built in the local area.

Bluewaters Reserve Store, Dubai, UAE

Situated at the heart of Dubai’s newest Island, Bluewaters has a Starbucks Reserve offering and draws inspiration from the meeting of land and sea, the rich dynamic tones of the Persian Gulf, and our very own Siren herself. Designed by illustrator Tatiana Boyoko, the mural depicts our Siren living amongst the Persian Gulf, alongside traditional Arabic sailing vessels, bringing the gift of coffee for all to enjoy!

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The historic, weird and wonderful former lives of Starbucks stores across EMEA