See inside Starbucks spookiest store – Sheffield’s Carbrook Hall

Located in Sheffield, England - a city steeped in hundreds of years of rich, industrial history, Carbrook Hall itself goes back over four centuries.

So it's no surprise that the historic building, which now proudly stands as a Starbucks store, continues to bring history to life, enriched with Starbucks coffeehouse culture.

Maintaining all the building's original features, including plaster mouldings and wood panelling, the Grade II listed stone wing is all that is left of the building after it was demolished in the 19th century. But as well as the interiors highlighting the site's extensive past, there's a few other friendly reminders of the past also making themselves at home within Carbrook Hall's walls, with the store well-known by locals to be frequented by some unusual happenings.

From unexplained footsteps running up stairs to bags of coffee beans flying off the shelves, Starbucks invited professional ghost hunters, Lee and Linzi Steer, to visit the property to verify the ghostly vibes with specialist equipment.

Lee and Linzi set up their equipment around the building to test for spooky sensations, and after seeing an intriguing response from their detectors - particularly around a certain chair in the far corner which they believed to be a friendly woman, and the store's spectacular stone fireplace complete with intricate detailing which seemed to arouse some interest from spirits potentially keen to talk about the building's history - they dubbed the building "the UK's most haunted coffee shop".

“We sensed that the spirits were eager to talk to us. We even heard one say ‘the siege’, which is incredible knowing the Carbrook Hall was a meeting place during the siege of Sheffield Castle.

Our specialist equipment was reacting quickly and with strength – the most we’ve seen in a while and in more than one room, including the wood panelled Oak Room where we often come to enjoy a Starbucks coffee. We would undoubtedly say this is the most haunted coffee shop in the UK.”