From 36 to 10: Starbucks names its top baristas who are heading to Milan to compete for this year’s EMEA Barista Championship!

This year at Starbucks, 36 countries competed to be crowned the 2022 EMEA Barista Champion. After months of preparation, coffee tastings, sharing their personal storytelling, and latte art showdowns from our talented partners across Europe, Middle East and Africa…here is your final 10 for this year.

Get to know each of them as they head to Milan in the hope of being crowned our Starbucks EMEA Barista Champion 2022.

Alex, France & Luxembourg

“It is an enormous pride to represent all the French and Luxembourgish baristas. I will make them proud and motivate them to take my place next year by passing on all my knowledge acquired during this adventure.”

Ireland, Richard

“This year was the third time I had entered the Barista competition for the district. I think after my experience in the other two years, I had seen the absolute level that people were aiming for, the knowledge that I was lacking, the confidence - I think it was a big part of it. And then this year I doubled my efforts. I went on and I did the Regional and eventually became the National Champion which is fantastic!”

South Africa, Phuti

“Being a South African, I feel like it is my way of honouring Kaldi, who discovered coffee, and now it is known all around the world.”

Czech Republic, Vendy

“It would be an honour for me to win this title and I would like to show my love for the brand and to be able to tell our partners that you can learn so much about being a barista.”

United Kingdom, Fraser

“I would love to inspire all our baristas; the baristas who were like little Fraser when he first came to the company…that no matter your age, religion, sexual orientation, your disability, anything like that, that you are worthy and you have a story to tell, and that is important to hear, that you should enter this competition and give it a go and showcase what you can do.”

Italy, Veronika

“Now that I have become the Italian Barista Champion 2022, I would like to continue to dream big and transmit my passion to our partners and customers. My goal is to become a Store Manager to help our partners to believe in themselves, to help them make their dreams come true, and to grow together in this amazing company.”

Spain, Victor

“If I get the opportunity to become the EMEA Barista Champion 2022, I would love to keep expanding my knowledge without limits and have the opportunity of sharing our mission and values with all our partners.”

United Arab Emirates, Fiona

“I have managed to overcome my fear throughout my journey, which enables me to turn my dreams into reality. By winning the EMEA Barista Championship this year, I would like to keep inspiring and nurturing our partners and customers because I believe this is what my purpose is all about.”

Germany, Niko

“Entering this competition means so much to me. It pushes me forward; it gives me a chance to connect with so many partners.”

Austria, Julius

“My biggest goal is to visit one of the Starbucks Farmers Support Centres, so I can experience the journey from bean to cup, to see it with my own eyes, and be able to share my impressions with our partners. Participating in this championship might get me one step closer to reaching that goal.”