Starbucks Camden store opens with artistic mural to celebrate the local community

Starbucks stores across the world create environments for Starbucks partners to connect with, engage and represent the communities they serve. And our new store in Camden, London is no exception – one of the city’s most vibrant areas, a hub of creativity and artistic talent, filled with buzzing street markets, unique fashion and live music.

From the moment it caught people’s eye, everything about it had to resonate with the community, so who else to help bring the store to life than talented Dave Bain a muralist from Bristol. 

Known for his distinctive, colourful, idiosyncratic illustrations which feature expressive stylised characters, Dave Bain is inspired by screen-printing and risograph techniques, as well as colour combinations, jazz and electronic music and visual culture.

For this particular work, Dave drew from Camden’s musical heritage, punk and counter-culture characters, mixed with a newer influx of tourists and diverse visitors to inject into his mural.

Dave was inspired by the energy, liveliness, quirkiness, and irreplaceable charm of Camden, and tried to squeeze as much of this spirit onto the bricks in-between windows and on the narrow walls of this store.

His work aims to reflect the famous diversity and richness of the neighbourhood, exuding positivity and inclusivity so that everyone can perhaps see a bit of themselves in the mural.

See if you can spot the classic Camden punk figure, complete with embellished coffee leaf leather jacket, as well as the multiple musicians paying homage to Camden’s rich musical history, and of course, the green apron partner representing the store’s partners, the beating hearts of our store!

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