Shake up your coffee order with Starbucks new Iced Shaken Espresso platform

Introducing the Iced Brown Sugar, Iced Cocoa, and White Mocha Iced Shaken Espressos, with layers of handcrafted flavour

Inspired by the beverage innovation technique used in the U.S., the new beverages combine layers of rich coffee with smooth oat dairy alternative, bringing together barista’s coffee craft expertise with pioneering new flavour combinations in handcrafted harmony.

Iced Brown Sugar
Iced Cocoa
Iced White Mocha

A brand new iced coffee platform exclusively designed around oat dairy alternative and our lighter, smoother Blonde roast, the technique behind the Iced Shaken Espresso range add a touch of theatre and playfulness to the hand-crafted Starbucks® Experience. Originating across the pond, the hand-shaken technique modelled after mixology cools the beverage quickly and allows the ingredients to mix perfectly to bring out their flavours.