Make Milan your next stop this summer and head to Starbucks EMEA’s flagship store, the Reserve Roastery Milano

The crown jewel of Starbucks EMEA, situated in the heart of Milan, where the art and science of coffee collide with the rich heritage of Italian coffee culture, and no trip to Italy's second biggest city is complete without a visit: the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milano. The largest Starbucks across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and flagship store for the region.

Here are eleven things you can expect:

The Milan Roastery is a hop, skip and jump from the iconic Duomo di Milano, Italy's largest church that took nearly six centuries to complete.

Head to Piazza Cordusio and the historic Poste building, which first opened at the turn-of-the twentieth century. This beautiful building became home to the Milan Roastery in 2018.

Before stepping inside the 25,000-square-foot space, look to your left where you will be greeted by a full-size statue of the Starbucks Siren, hewn from marble.

Once inside, grab a map and you’ll surely be in need of your first fix of coffee, so head right to the main bar where classic espresso beverages sit alongside a range of innovative brewing formats like the Siphon and Pour Over.

You can explore, learn, and taste rare and exotic high-quality Arabica coffees, responsibly sourced from up to 30 origins around the world. Just speak to one of the knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly partners (employees) who will be able to take you on a journey from bean to cup.

Take your favourite Starbucks Reserve coffee home with you by visiting the Scoop Bar, where you can purchase specially-packaged, freshly-roasted coffee beans from the Roastery.

Next, you'll be ready for a bite to eat, freshly baked breads, Italian pastries, and other specialties by iconic Milanese baker Rocco Princi are served fresh daily.

Make sure you pick up a reusable, a must-have accessory for the everyday and perfect memento of your trip. Take it with you and fill it up when you grab your next coffee to-go. You will find an extensive range of merchandise exclusively available in Milan.

It's now time for the main event, unprecedented visibility to all aspects of our roasting process, with a 360-degree walk-around view of the manufacturing site.

The centrepiece is the 6.5-meter-high bronze cask. If you are in luck, the cask will dramatically unfold like a blooming flower, allowing a rare glimpse inside of the de-gassing chamber – a natural part of the roasting process.

Keep your ears peeled for the distinctive sound of the bright green clacker board, the sound synonymous with transport arriving, letters flip to announce the roast arriving that day.

After a day of coffee wonder and amazement, what better way to see out the day than Aperitivo – carefully crafted coffee cocktails paired with small delicacies – upstairs and the Arriviamo bar.