A new frosted favourite is in town, as EMEA’s Holiday menu welcomes the icy new Toffee Nut Cream Cold Brew

Red cups are back all across EMEA, signalling the start of the festive season. And with them, comes a sensational new selection of Holiday drinks.

This year, things are looking a little different to usual, with an icy cold number leading the line-up: the frost covered Toffee Nut Cream Cold Brew.

Featuring Starbucks 20-hour steeped small-batch Cold Brew, a smooth and mellow coffee with a rich flavour combined with vanilla syrup, and topped with Toffee Nut cream foam topping and finished with buttery Toffee Nut sprinkles, it's a crisp, cold, creamy transformation of the iconic classic.

More in the market for a comforting and cosy option? Put your gloves together for the new Praline Cookie Hot Chocolate. Boasting a buttery baked cookie flavour and notes of creamy caramelised hazelnut, almond and walnut, it's then topped with rich chocolatey whipped cream and a dusting of cookie crumb sprinkles for a toasty finish.

For those looking for something a little warmer, all the usual returning seasonal classics are back - the much-loved Gingerbread latte and stroopwafel-inspired Caramel Waffle latte.