Transcript – Meet the Partner: Edition 1

Duncan Moir

Hi, everybody I’m Duncan Moir, the newly appointed president of Starbucks EMEA

I’ve been a Starbucks partner for over five years now and in terms of my normal week, I don’t really have a normal week at the moment, but I start my morning is focused on my EMEA role and in the afternoon transitioning my channel development responsibilities to my successor.

So three words to describe me, I asked my family the first one they all said was bald but then they kindly said loyal, determined and optimistic.

My favourite coffee to drink at home is a medium roast, Latin American. More recently I’ve been drinking Sirens blend which is a really lovely combination of African and Latin American beans, it’s got a lovely flavour and a very special story behind it.

My working from home set up is a desk in my bedroom as the family are taking over the rest of the house, have taken over the rest of the house! And, I have Murphy who sometimes comes to join me here for a bit of peace and quiet and the odd video conference.

To keep active I taking Murphy out for walks and I go for runs.

My Netflix recommendations first and foremost, which I really love, Schitt's Creek, secondly Ozarks and thirdly Killing Eve.

I’d like to give a very special shout out to the many partners who are really are going above and beyond to support the local community at these challenging times, a really heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Romy Kristianzee

I am Romy Kristianzee, nearly an eight year partner and currently leading the learning operations at Starbucks Malta.

My average work week changes from training partners in all kinds of roles but also making sure there is a plan for our future years of development at Starbucks Malta.

I asked my family and friends describe me in three words and words that came up a lot we passionate, ambitious and helpful.

Iced cinnamon Latte is my favourite at home coffee or, if I fancy it, a double strength French Press Kenya, brewed with tonic.

So my current home office: of course my laptop, my agenda, notebooks, coffee – super important and – my manual.

To stay active at home I either go for a run or a hulahoop.

My top three Netflix recommendations are of course friends the crown and [...]

A special shout out to Vlad Armus, thank you for always being so inspiring and passionate and a shout out to all the Starbucks Malta partners for keeping our stores open and all the hard work.

Gagan Tandon

Hi, I’m Gagan, and I work in the business planning team at Starbucks and I have been a partner for a year now.

In an average week I look at a lot of store development data and turn numbers into stories, presentations and dashboards

Goofy, caring and energetic.

I like to make myself a Cappuccino on the Nespresso machine at home, always tastes so good.

My current work from home set up is this and, that’s my wife, my current quarantine coworker.

This might sound a bit crazy but, honestly, I keep active by pacing back and forth in my apartment listening to audiobooks until I’ve achieved my goal of 10,000 steps a day.

My My three Netflix Netflix recommendations will be Big Bang Theory, Money Heist and Breaking Bad.

I’d like to call Anna Jones from the Programme Management team for the great work she is doing.

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