Three new Macchiato beverages join the EMEA menu

As we head into a new year, there are three brand new beverages on the menu across EMEA: and they’re all about tailoring your coffee to you.

From today (30 December), for a limited time, the Starbucks Blonde® Caramelised Almond Macchiato, Starbucks Blonde® Honeycomb Macchiato, and the Starbucks Blonde® Double Chocolatey Macchiato are launching in selected markets across EMEA.

Each of the new beverages is handcrafted using Starbucks Blonde® roast, which offers a smoother,  mellower flavour compared to our Signature roast.

The new Blonde® Macchiato Duos build on Starbucks strong Macchiato heritage, with the coffee appearing on Starbucks very first espresso menu 30 years ago, when we first began to offer handcrafted coffee beverages.

Over the years we’ve put our own signature twist on the quintessential Macchiatos, with the new Blonde® Macchiato Duos joining the rest of the lineup at Starbucks that includes the original Espresso Macchiato, Latte Macchiato and Caramel Macchiato.

Whether you order a different roast, or an alternative milk, every drink is handcrafted just for you, to ensure each sip is perfectly balanced and perfectly enjoyed.

To continue offering customers increased choice and personalisation in their Starbucks Experience, customers across EMEA are able to choose from a selection of different dairy alternatives made from soya, coconut, almond, or oat, to make their handcrafted beverage.

In the UK, France, and Benelux, customers can also now enjoy Starbucks new Original Nut Blend, made from cashew, rice, and hazelnut, which has been specially crafted to steam perfectly for a superior coffee experience.

We've got the full details of each new Macchiato to launch In EMEA this Spring below.

Double Chocolately Macchiato (all markets)

A mixture of white chocolate and cocoa sauce is paired with steamed milk and topped with Blonde espresso shots, before being finished with chocolate mixture crosshatch.

Caramelised Almond Macchiato (all EMEA markets, excluding UK)

Steamed milk and caramelised almond syrup are topped with Blonde espresso shots and finished with the iconic Starbucks caramel drizzle cross hatch.

Honeycomb Macchiato (UK only)

Steamed milk and honeycomb syrup is topped with Blonde espresso shots and finished with a crunchy honeycomb topping.

In EMEA, Starbucks introduced soy to menus in the UK 15 years ago, and continues to introduce new drinks and food to menus globally while innovating with plant-based ingredients across key platforms like espresso, cold brew, refreshment and food.

In January 2021, Starbucks in the UK announced new plant-based food including the Beyond Meat® Breakfast Sandwich and the No Chick’n & BBQ Bean Hot Wrap as part of their new winter menu. The Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich marks the debut of Beyond Breakfast Sausage in the UK, making Starbucks the first place that local customers can try it.

Also this month, in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, Starbucks announced an expansion to its plant-based food and with the launch of the Beyond Meat® Triple Cheese Wrap and Beyond Meatball Arabian Ciabatta, available from 11 January, as a core menu item, in all stores in UAE and Kuwait.

Starbucks continues to drive menu innovation in EMEA and expand plant-based around the world to meet the growing interest of customers. You can read more about what else we’re doing across the globe, here.

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