Introducing the Starbucks EMEA Partner Emergency Relief Programme

To all equity partners EMEA

Dear partners,

In every country Starbucks operates around the world, one thing remains true: you, our partners, are the beating heart of this company. Every day you create unique connections for our customers that keep them returning to Starbucks. As we continue to navigate the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, one of the things we keep hearing from customers: it’s their interactions with you each day that they miss most.

As has been the case since COVID-19 came into our lives, your health and well-being remain our highest priority. In addition to the steps we’ve already taken to provide stability during this challenging time, including guaranteeing pay and creating a Partner Care board, we are pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at providing additional financial relief to partners who need it the most.

The Starbucks EMEA Partner Emergency Relief Programme is a first-of-its-kind initiative that will support the extraordinary needs of partners affected by COVID-19 in markets across EMEA. This is part of a global programme and will be administered in partnership with the Emergency Assistance Foundation, with Starbucks seeding the fund for partners in certain disaster designated areas.

As each community faces unique response and recovery challenges, requests for support will be processed through the Emergency Assistance Foundation in collaboration with Starbucks EMEA to ensure eligible partners meeting the application requirements receive the emergency funds they need as quickly as possible. This will be available from Thursday to equity partners across the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Qualified categories for fund grants include, but are not limited to, covering expenses such as those due to loss of household income, urgent travel needs, back-up child care, sudden loss of home, death of a family member or partner and related funeral expenses. On Thursday, your local Partner Resources teams will be sharing more detail on the programme, including qualification criteria, step-by-step instructions on how to apply and frequently asked questions.

The Starbucks EMEA Partner Emergency Relief Programme is also designed to support a wider population partners that wear the green apron – whether they work for a company-operated store or a licensed one. In partnership with the Emergency Assistance Foundation, we have created a platform where certain Starbucks licensees around the world can make this relief programme available to licensed partners working in their markets – and Starbucks will of course contribute funding to those local programmes. We are currently working with our licensees across the EMEA region to bring additional support to their partners.

At Starbucks, we have faced many challenges in the past, but we have always emerged stronger and more united by coming together. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our brand, and we hope this new programme is token of our ongoing commitment to you.

With gratitude and in partnership,

Martin Brok, president, Starbucks EMEA (outgoing)
Duncan Moir, president, Starbucks EMEA (incoming)

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