Nearly 3,000 Hours (and counting) of Volunteer Time Given this April by Starbucks Teams

April at Starbucks means one thing, good things happen. Starbucks teams partner up with charities to give back to their local communities with a series of volunteering projects. From volunteering at a local community centre to litter picking at their nearest public park, partners (employees) have been doing good for others in big and small ways.

April's Global Month of Good (GMoG) is the highlight of Starbucks year-round commitment to having a positive impact in the communities we serve. One month on, we've calculated these moments of good all the way from South Africa, to Spain, to Scotland:

This year there has been a hive of volunteer activity right across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) – with everything from refugee language classes held in Spain, a children’s centre redecorated in South Africa and trees planted in Hungary. Although the official Global Month of Good has concluded, good things continue to happen as Starbucks teams are encouraged to support local causes important to their store year-round.

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