From Ethical Sourcing to Going Strawless to Stores Powered by the Sun

At a glance: Starbucks EMEA sustainability commitments

99% Ethically Sourced Coffee

We are working to make coffee the world’s first sustainable agricultural product:

  • Partnering with Conservation International, commitment to purchase 99% ethically sourced coffee
  • Donating 100 million coffee trees to coffee farmers; 30 million already distributed
  • Founding member of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, collaborating with 100 industry members

Greener Cups, Packaging and Recycling

Short-term: Reducing the volume of waste produced by our stores:

  • Eliminating plastic straws and introducing the Starbucks Strawless Lid by 2020
  • Donating all proceeds from paper cup charges in Britain, Sweden and Norway to charity

Mid-term: Increase the use of reusable cups:

  • Encouraging reusable cup use with a discount offered for over a two-decades in select markets 

Long-term: Innovation through the NextGen Cup Challenge:

  • $10 million invested with the aim of identifying the next generation paper cup

Greener Power and Stores

Investment in clean, green energy to power our stores, reduce our environmental impact and support access to greener power.

All company-operated stores across Europe are powered by 100% renewable electricity

Commitment to design, build and operate 10,000 ‘Greener Stores’ globally by 2025 encompassing: energy efficiency and water stewardship, renewable energy, healthy environment, responsible materials, water diversions and sustainability engagement

Food Waste Programmes

Active in Austria, Britain, France, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

Five programmes directly support Action Against Hunger, with over £200,000 raised in Britain alone to date