2018 Starbucks Global Social Impact Report

Our 2018 Global Social Impact Report reflects our aspirations and marks our progress as a company in the areas where we can make the biggest impact – leading in sustainability, strengthening communities and creating opportunities.

“Starbucks is invested in developing solutions that seek to improve the sustainability of their products. When companies begin to rethink their plastic footprint, innovation, research and measurement are the key elements needed to set them on a path toward continuous improvement.” – Erin Simon, Director of Sustainability R&D at the World Wildlife Fund

“What you have created here is not just an opportunity for employment and leadership for people who are Deaf and a way for them to show their wonderful talents, but a place where we will be able to see the vibrancy of our language.” – Roberta Cordano, President of Gallaudet University

“Strong leaders lead by example and Starbucks is one of the strongest leaders in the fight for equality and inclusion.” – Billie Jean King

Policy Statements and Previous Reports

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Meet the Starbucks EMEA Greener Store of the Year for 2023