Starbucks opens unique Talan Tower store in Astana

Astana, 17th July 2017; Almaty was the start of Starbucks journey in Kazakhstan, with the first store opening in 2015. Today Starbucks has opened an immersive coffee destination with the Talan Tower store in Astana, where the theatre of coffee led by expert Coffee Master baristas, takes center stage.

The opening of the first store with a Reserve coffee bar experience, in the heart of Astana’s dynamic business district, represents Starbucks uncompromising pursuit of elevating coffee for its customers.

Featuring the company’s rare, small-lot Reserve coffees roasted at its Seattle Roastery, the Reserve bar gives baristas a platform to engage in a dialogue with customers over unique brewing methods. These methods include the Clover Brewing System, pour over, siphon, chemex and Black Eagle manual espresso machine. Only available in limited quantities, each Reserve coffee is one-of-a-kind, sourced from coffee growing regions in Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific islands. The store will also offer Starbucks range of food and beverages that are known and loved by customers in Kazakhstan.

At a Starbucks Reserve coffee bar, the craft of making coffee is a sensory experience. It’s an interactive space, where customers can relax near the amber glow of the Siphon brewer or watch the slow, steady pour over.

The store’s design is also unique and takes inspiration from local heritage architecture which is rich in textures and patterns. With this design we are also connecting with the architecture of the building, evoking the look and feel of elegance and warmth and create a welcoming place for our customers. The artwork added in the store is also supporting this experience, celebrating the coffee sourcing region, carefully crafted in wood and hand painted to illustrate the high altitudes and uneven terrain these rare coffees originate from.

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