Starbucks Launches Nitro Cold Brew in France

The time has finally come! For the very first time, Starbucks is launching Nitro Cold Brew in Paris. Available in the beautifully Capucines store in Paris, this delicious new trendy drink is bound to take the city by storm. It will be available in 30 Parisians stores in total by the summer. Two news delicious cold coffees are joining this launch: Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream and Iced Cappuccino.

What exactly is Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew? It’s a coffee made from Latin American and African beans that have been steeped and brewed in cold water for over 20 hours by Starbucks baristas. This coffee is then infused with nitrogen, a process which unlocks the natural sweetness of the Cold Brew coffee and its velvety texture. This coffee is served cold from a tap, unsweetened and without ice, in order to fully savour its taste.

Available from May, 3rd at Capucines store, in Paris, Nitro Cold Brew will be also available, from May, 8th in 5 other stores in Paris region, and then, 25 furthers will follow in Paris this summer bringing it to 30 stores across the city in total.

This innovation marks the next stage in Starbuck’s cold coffee development. As well as Nitro Cold Brew, from 4th May customers can also enjoy a range of new products, such as the Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream. This traditional Cold Brew coffee is poured over ice and then topped with a delicious vanilla sweet cream which floats atop the beverage for a few moments before cascading down. The Iced Cappuccino is also making its debut on the Starbucks menu. This rich and full-bodied espresso is poured over ice, slightly sweetened and topped with a special cold foam made with skimmed milk. Finally, to shake up your normal Starbucks order, why not order your favourite coffee in its cold version?

Tall size available from 4,50 euros

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