Starbucks Singapore Recognized as Employer of Choice for 5th Consecutive Year

Starbucks Singapore Employer of Choice Awards

Starbucks Singapore has once again been named The Straits Times as one of the top 250 employers in Singapore, marking the 5th consecutive year the company has received this prestigious recognition. This year, Starbucks was also ranked as the #1 employer in the food and beverage (F&B) industry.

An unwavering commitment to partners (employees) is a key factor in this recognition, as the company commits to providing a bridge to a better future for all its partners. Starbucks places a strong emphasis on open communication, career development, and work-life balance.

According to Celestina Lee, Partner Resources Director at Starbucks Singapore, the company's approach involves asking partners the same question they ask their customers: "How can we serve you better?”. This allows Starbucks to continuously evolve its support and benefits to meet the changing needs of its partners.

One example is Ronnie Wong, a district manager who has grown with the company over the past 15 years. Ronnie started as a part-time barista and has been promoted multiple times, all while Starbucks supported him in earning a degree. The company's flexible work arrangements also allowed Ronnie to maintain a healthy work-life balance, spending weekends with his family in Malaysia.

Starbucks Singapore’s dedication to its partners’ well-being extends beyond just career progression with comprehensive benefits including annual pay raises, work performance reviews, and health screenings for partners aged 35 and above.

"At the heart of our success is a people-first culture that empowers our partners to thrive both professionally and personally," adds Celestina. "Being recognized as a top employer for 5 years running is a testament to the strength of that culture".