Starbucks Korea announces new NFT project – ‘STARBUCKS STAR★LIGHT’, the first of its kind for Starbucks in Asia

The 'STARBUCKS STAR★LIGHT' NFT project encourages customers to use personal cups to unlock limited edition NFTs through the collection of Eco stamps on their Starbucks® Rewards accounts

Today, Starbucks Korea announced the launch of its NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project, 'STARBUCKS STAR★LIGHT', the first of its kind for the company in Asia, encouraging customers to incorporate the use of personal cups into their daily lives by offering limited edition NFTs as rewards.

As part of the innovation to enhance the digital experience in the Starbucks® Rewards loyalty program for Starbucks customers, the collectable digital artwork (NFTs) will bring a new and unique feature for Starbucks® Rewards members.

Starting from January 16th, Starbucks will introduce ‘STARBUCKS STAR★LIGHT,’ gifting Starbucks NFTs to Starbucks® Rewards customers who order beverages via Siren Order (mobile order) using their personal cups, earning one Eco Stamp per purchase.

Once enough Eco stamps have been collected, the stamps can be exchanged for NFTs. Customers can collect a maximum of three Eco stamps per day, and there are three tiers of collectible NFTs that can be redeemed. At the 'BASIC NFT' tier, customers can redeem one NFT for five Eco Stamps. Collecting fifteen Eco Stamps will unlock a limited edition 'CREATIVE NFT' with a total of 20,000 copies available. And accumulating twenty Eco Stamps will grant access to a limited edition 'ARTIST NFT', limited to 1,000 copies.*

The NFTs are designed in collaboration with Korea's largest digital art platform 'Print Bakery', featuring the works of many local artists and artist 'DADAZ', and they are designed to showcase diverse digital artwork based on the concept of ‘My Own Cup, featuring reusable cups and tumblers.*

To celebrate the launch of 'STARBUCKS STAR★LIGHT', an exhibition featuring the NFT artworks from local Korean artists will be showcased at Starbucks® Jongno R store in Seoul until the end of January. The exhibition showcases Starbucks' commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices alongside the featured NFT artworks.

"We hope that customers visiting Starbucks will integrate the use of personal cups into their daily lives and enjoy the unique experience of owning their very own NFT,” said Ryan Sohn, ceo of Starbucks Korea. “Starbucks Korea will continue to introduce a variety of promotions to offer our customers an array of eco-friendly benefits. "

*Only one NFT can be issued per account, customers need to collect the required number of Eco Stamps to obtain their desired NFT. For instance, once a customer receives a 'BASIC NFT' with 5 Eco Stamps, obtaining NFTs of other levels will not be possible.

* The functionality of the Starbucks NFTs will be limited, with restrictions on gifting, selling, or trading.

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