New Starbucks store provides a charming oasis in Tainan

On April 20, Starbucks Taiwan opened the new 90 Dongqiao 8—Tainan store, located at Par K* Avenue, Yongkang District, Tainan. Inspired by the mythical Starbucks Siren, the store's design creates a unique space that serves as both a home for Starbucks partners (employees) and an oasis for customers, providing the perfect environment to nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection.

The store showcases a one-of-a-kind design concept. Drawing inspiration from nature, it features beautifully layered arches that extend from the columns, creating an uplifting atmosphere. As you explore further, the spacious curved ceiling houses a warm and welcoming bar counter complemented by a textured wall that evokes the serene beauty of a forest, accompanying you on a delightful coffee journey.

The mural artwork behind the comfortable sofa seats is a beautiful creation by local artist LEHO. It portrays the Starbucks Siren encircled by coffee branches and leaves, the sea, and Tainan city’s iconic bird, the pheasant-tailed jacana. Paying homage to Tainan, the beautiful artwork adds an extra touch of charm to the experience at the store.

In celebration of the 90 Dongqiao 8—Tainan store opening, Passion Fruit with Mango Jelly Cold Brew, a new beverage exclusive to the store was introduced. Featuring local Tainan mangoes, this unique non-alcoholic cocktail is crafted using tea and coffee, along with mangoes in a base of green tea and fruit juice, releasing a sweet aroma with both refreshing and rich fruit notes.  Lastly, the cold brew and tangerine aftertaste make for an ideal finish, thick and rich, taking the palate on an adventure while immersing in the atmosphere of the 90 Dongqiao 8—Tainan store.

An exclusive “Starbucks Glittering Assorted Cookie Gift Box” was created especially for the 90 Dongqiao 8—Tainan store. It features a green gradient design and metal lines that accentuate the store’s distinctive architecture.

The 90 Dongqiao 8—Tainan store also introduced exclusive merchandise. The design of 12-ounce mug depicts an elegant urban oasis, combining three-dimensional artistic lines of ocean waves with alluring natural colors. The mug is finished with a hand-painted gold handle in lake green with a hint of gold. The texture on the 24-ounce cold cup is paired with a three-dimensional green gradient design, creating a sophisticated style and intricate texture. With the design of its three-dimensional lines representing ocean waves, and its elegant grindstone pattern fusing artistic style with quiet texture, the 16-ounce tumbler sets the tone for creating a delightful coffee experience at Starbucks.

A new line of store-exclusive bags was also introduced. These bags feature canvas and mesh designs with a classic star print. The mesh tote bag has a green gradient print and is adorned with the Siren’s flowing hair design.

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Barbie, Senior Product Specialist at Starbucks Asia Pacific