Coffee, Art and Glamour – Tata Starbucks exclusive collaboration with Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra

The limited-edition collection of drinkware features exquisite Kashmiri motifs inspired by centuries-old craftsmanship and the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir.

Tata Starbucks is excited to launch an exclusive collaboration with renowned fashion designer Manish Malhotra, offering a limited-edition lifestyle drinkware range collection that brings together the worlds of coffee and fashion. Inspired by the craftsmanship of Manish Malhotra and the cultural heritage of Kashmir, this collection is a fusion of global aesthetics and local traditions.

Starbucks has a history of collaborating with iconic brands to bring international style and glamour to its consumers. Through the collaboration with Manish Malhotra, Tata Starbucks offers a truly unparalleled experience for coffee, art, design, and fashion enthusiasts. The limited-edition collection features stoneware ceramic mugs, stainless steel tumblers, and an environment-friendly reusable cup, all adorned with exquisite Kashmiri motifs. These designs, inspired by centuries-old craftsmanship and the region's natural beauty, showcased the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir.

The collection showcases intricate patterns rich in cultural significance, reflecting the signature Kashmiri embroidery of the Manish Malhotra brand. With color palettes ranging from charcoal black and regal golds to pristine whites and subtle carmines, this range embodies the luxurious essence of traditional craft with a contemporary twist.

Legendary designer Manish Malhotra shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, "I am delighted to have joined forces with Starbucks India to introduce this limited-edition collection. My aim was to design something deeply rooted in India while complementing the iconic tradition that Starbucks is renowned for. In crafting a signature collection for this collaboration, my goal was to seamlessly integrate the beauty and craftsmanship of Kashmir into everyday moments."

Sushant Dash, CEO of TATA Starbucks, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, "At TATA Starbucks, we believe in the power of design, art, and community in sharing elevated experiences for coffee lovers across India. From our stores to our packaging, each touchpoint at Starbucks reflected this commitment. We were thrilled to partner with Manish Malhotra, one of India's most prominent voices in fashion, to elevate our consumers' daily cup of coffee with his inimitable design language."

Each piece of merchandise is accompanied by a personalized note from Manish Malhotra. In addition, Starbucks Rewards members will have exclusive access to a limited-edition collectable set, which includes a stoneware ceramic mug, a stainless-steel tumbler, and a personalized note by Manish Malhotra.

Experience the blend of luxury, craftsmanship, and coffee with the Tata Starbucks and Manish Malhotra collaboration. Elevate your everyday moments and indulge in the art of savoring a cup of Starbucks coffee.

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