Chacha, Assistant Manager South Korea

Chacha, South Korea

From Bean to Cup: Celebrating International Women’s Day with 5 Women Shaping the Coffee World in Asia Pacific. Today, we meet Chacha from Starbucks South Korea.

International Women’s Day is dedicated to celebrating women’s amazing achievements across the globe – and there are certainly plenty to celebrate in the coffee industry!

From coffee farmers to Starbucks partners (employees), both in-store and behind-the-scenes, we are bringing you the stories of five inspirational women in Asia Pacific who are making an impact in the coffee world. Join us as we share the stories behind their coffee experiences – and discover the vital parts they play in crafting your perfect coffee, from bean to cup.

Many women will identify with the daunting feeling of returning to work after having children – and such was the case for Chacha, who worked at Starbucks for a decade before taking a break in 2013 for childcare reasons.

After encouragement from her husband, a fellow Starbucks partner, Chacha began thinking about coming back to Starbucks to “bring all my experience and know-how to the table”. Overcoming her nerves, she re-joined in 2017 as a ‘Returning Mother Barista’ and is now an Assistant Manager at Seoul’s Ttukseom Park Station.

“I had been nervous about returning to work, but I soon remembered my previous experiences and gained confidence, making it easier to adapt,” Chacha says. “The attention to detail and ability to better connect with people that I developed from parenting became strengths in my customer service.”

Chacha praises Starbucks for actively supporting the work-family balance, a philosophy that dovetails perfectly with her belief in the company’s key values. “For me, Starbucks mission is all about ‘love’. Love for our customers, our fellow partners and ourselves come together to naturally guide us in doing the right thing,” she continues. “That feeling of being genuinely valued is what drives my passion for what I do here.”

Chacha says she hopes that women in the coffee industry will “continue to chase their dreams and that there will be more opportunities for us, where we can thrive both at home and in our careers”.

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