Bonnie, Master Roaster China

Starbucks Reserve Shanghai Roastery. Meet Bonnie, a Master Roaster from China.

From Bean to Cup: Celebrating International Women’s Day with 5 Women Shaping the Coffee World in Asia Pacific. Today, we meet Bonnie from Starbucks Reserve Shanghai Roastery.

International Women’s Day is dedicated to celebrating women’s amazing achievements across the globe – and there are certainly plenty to celebrate in the coffee industry!

From coffee farmers to Starbucks partners (employees), both in-store and behind-the-scenes, we are bringing you the stories of five inspirational women in Asia Pacific who are making an impact in the coffee world. Join us as we share the stories behind their coffee experiences – and discover the vital parts they play in crafting your perfect coffee, from bean to cup.

When Bonnie joined Starbucks 11 years ago “simply because I needed a job”, she could never have imagined where her Starbucks journey would take her.

Becoming one of the founding partners at Starbucks’ first flagship store in Beijing, she was crowned Starbucks China North Region’s ‘Pour-Over Champion’; won third in the National Barista Championship; and in 2016, was selected as one of Starbucks’ first batch of coffee roasters in China, receiving nine months of training in the United States.

In 2022, she became Starbucks’ first Master Roaster in China and Starbucks’ first female Master Roaster globally – quite the achievement for someone who started roasting coffee on her gas stove at home! Having supported the launch of Starbucks China’s first roasting plant in Kunshan, Suzhou, Bonnie is now Production Operations Supervisor and Master Roaster at the Starbucks Reserve Shanghai Roastery.

Working at Starbucks allowed Bonnie to discover her passion for coffee. “I believe in the power of coffee to bring people together and create meaningful connections,” she explains. “Coffee is not just a beverage that gives people energy; it's a shared experience that transcends cultural and social boundaries.”

“We build connections through each cup of coffee we serve,” she continues. “My partners and I are not just colleagues; we enjoy working together, growing together, supporting each other through challenges and celebrating our achievements.”

It’s this spirit of “trust and inclusiveness” that shapes Bonnie’s advice for fellow women in the coffee industry. “Only if you dare to dream can you make your life extraordinary, so don’t set any limits on yourself. Don’t live up to others’ expectations – just go for it!”

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