The Bukhansan store in South Korea blends city life in Seoul with serenity in nature

Opened on Feb. 15, the Bukhansan store is a unique space where everyone could enjoy an embrace by the Korean mountains alongside beverage inspired by the local ingredients, right in the heart of the city of Seoul.

Located near the entrance of the famous Bukhansan National Park, the store spans 1,100 square meters over two floors and a rooftop. Among the 253 seats, 66 are outdoor on the rooftop, where customers could enjoy at the same time their favourite beverage and a panoramic view of the foothills of Bukhansan Mountain, without leaving the city center at all.

Echoing the nature immediately outside of the store, the Bukhansan store features a special photo zone with stunning images of the mountain in the background. A walking trail, created through beautiful trees and a waterscape space just outside the store, further characterizes the unique store experience that combines urbanity and nature.

Two special beverages have been created in celebration of the opening of Starbucks Bukhansan. Green Mugwort Blended Beverage is a savory and sweet blended beverage made with malcha shots, local mugwort and grains. Green Mugwort Cream Latte is a delicious smooth latte made with the Starbucks Blonde Espresso, local mugwort and grains. These two beverages are available at five stores across Korea including The Bukhansan, The Yangpyeong DTR, The Bukhangang R, Gyeongdong 1960 and Daegu Jongro Gotaek.

Besides The Bukhansan, the signature Starbucks experience blended with scenic views could be also found in a number of stores in Korea, such as The Bukhangang R, The Yangpyeong DTR and recently-opened Daegu Jongro Gotaek.

Enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery alongside delicious beverages at the Bukhansan store.