Starbucks Philippines opens first Community Store dedicated to supporting youth education

Portion of every purchase in this store directly supports scholarships and after-school learning through nonprofit partners, Young Focus and AHA! Learning Center

Today, Starbucks Philippines proudly opened the Abad Santos Tondo Community Store, in celebration of its 25th year in the market and its unwavering dedication to creating positive impact in communities it serves. The Community Store is dedicated to supporting youth education in the Philippines, where a portion of every purchase in this store will enable scholarships and after-school learning programs in partnership with Young Focus Foundation and AHA! Learning Center.

“Starbucks has always been a different kind of company, staying true to its mission to nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection,” says Noey Lopez, president of Starbucks Philippines. “Through this first Community Store in the country, we hope that this is the start of creating a positive and lasting impact on the youth within our local communities.”

The Abad Santos Tondo Community Store in the Philippines joins more than 200 Starbucks Community Stores around the world to strengthen communities, support economic opportunities, and create impact through partnerships with local nonprofit organizations. 

Empowering one mind at a time

Young Focus Foundation extends scholarships to out-of-school youth through its network of partner schools and universities. Presently, they have two centers located in Tondo and Cavite, offering support to more than 1,000 students, and guiding them from elementary school through to college. Starbucks is committed to expanding this support, empowering out-of-school youth to pursue their education at both high school and collegiate levels.

“Starbucks doesn't just serve coffee but also serves the community of Tondo through education. We look forward to this special partnership with the first Community Store in the Philippines. This is an amazing investment for the youth to reach their potential,” says Paul van Wijgerden, Managing Director of Young Focus.

Meanwhile, AHA! Learning Center is dedicated to offering free after-school learning programs to public school students, focusing on areas including academics and social-emotional skills. Currently, they operate from a community center on Radial Road 10 serving over 180 learners spanning various age groups. Starbucks will expand this initiative, providing additional opportunities for more learners to benefit from AHA! Learning modules and continue their after-school programs.

Creating beautiful, inclusive spaces

The store opens up inviting spaces for hosting future workshops, fostering both learning and connections. In addition to a full café, the area features a series of murals entitled, "Brewing Knowledge, Blossoming Communities," by visual artist Anina Rubio. The series beautifully intertwines elements of books, indigenous flora and fauna, and the diverse wildlife from coffee-growing regions, seamlessly blending with the store's interior.  The exceptional artwork symbolizes how education serves as the catalyst for individuals to rise to new heights and achieve their aspirations.

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