Starbucks opens first Community Store in Taiwan

New Hualien Heping store, dedicated to uplifting Taiwan’s Indigenous Community, joins hundreds of Starbucks® Community Stores operating globally

Today, Starbucks Taiwan celebrated the grand opening of its first Community Store located in Xiulin Township, Hualien County, reaffirming the brand’s global commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity. Around the world, Starbucks recognizes a responsibility to strengthen the communities it serves and has opened more than 150 Community Stores in service of this aspiration. In partnership with Uni-Wonder Corporation, Starbucks licensed business operator in the market, the new store provides more career opportunities for green apron partners (employees) from Taiwan’s indigenous communities and a dedicated space to celebrate indigenous culture.

Community Stores around the world are inclusive of several store models, from serving under-resourced communities, to empowering farmers, youth and women, and creating impact in partnership with local nonprofit organizations.

The Starbucks® Hualien Heping Community Store has been designed as a community-based third place that strengthens ties between residents in the neighborhood, while fostering pride in the region's diverse indigenous culture. A portion of profits from this store will be donated to Hualien County Private Heping Sustainable Charity Foundation, an organization with deep roots in the area and community, to support a local emergency relief fund.

The store design draws on the rich indigenous culture in Hualian, including featured artworks created by indigenous artists Miru Hayung and Eleng Luluan. Miru Hayung, an artist from the Atayal Zihing community, used vibrant images to illustrate how coffee connects people and the environment. Eleng Luluan, a teacher from Drekay Kucapungane community, used local textiles and embroidery cloth to create an artistic landscape of plants and coffee trees.

The celebration of indigenous culture extends beyond store design. A one-of-a-kind totem embellishment, created by Truku traditional weaving master, Shi Ma Hsiu-Hua in collaboration with tribal women, is woven into the iconic green apron partners wear at the Community Store. Representing the pride of the Truku people, the design pays tribute to the enthusiasm and connection Starbucks partners proudly bring to customers.

Growing up in Xiulin Township, Hualien County as part of the Truku tribe, store manager Allen is proud to support his community through the Community Store. “It has been ten years since I joined Starbucks, and I am now a store manager who leads and trains partners,” says Allen. " Starbucks corporate mission has a great impact on me when I first joined Starbucks after graduating from university. I have found a sense of accomplishment and a sense of belonging in the store, and I hope to recruit more locals to become partners through this store.”

Since 1998, Starbucks Taiwan has opened more than 540 stores, with more than 5,600 partners now proudly wearing the green apron in the market. Committed to creating positive impact in the communities it serves, Starbucks Taiwan supported the educational development of indigenous children through its "Indigenous Hope" project since 1999. The project has provided nearly 46,000 indigenous children with scholarships, supported the establishment of seven recreational classrooms, one stadium, and two student centers, helping many tribal children to attend school and have an opportunity to develop their talents and dreams. This first Community Store in Hualien builds on this long-standing commitment to the indigenous community.

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