Starbucks opens 100th store in Vietnam

Starbucks Vietnam celebrated 10 years of sustainable growth, and opened their 100th Starbucks® store on September 16th. As a special tribute to this milestone, and to honor Vietnam's rich coffee heritage, Starbucks proudly returns locally-sourced coffee Starbucks Reserve™ Vietnam Đưng K'Nớ.

"This achievement fills us with so much joy, as we remain committed to delight our customers with the Starbucks Experience, and to build meaningful connections," said Patricia Marques, general manager of Starbucks Vietnam. "With Starbucks now operating 100 stores across cities in Vietnam, we applaud and thank our partners for their everyday commitment and dedication, which have been vital in taking us to where we are today. Our success is also a result of the trust placed in us by our customers, who value and cherish the connection over coffee at Starbucks across Vietnam over the last ten years."

The 100th Starbucks store in Vietnam is located in Lotte Mall West Lake, a new entertainment and shopping complex in Hanoi. The store was designed to pay homage to the beautiful natural environment that nurtures coffee beans. Through a carefully selected blue accent color and a warm material palette, the design seeks to capture the essence of the intertwined connection in nature, creating a distinctive space for customers to relax and enjoy connecting over a cup of coffee.

Spotlighting the exquisite flavors of Vietnamese coffee from the Central Highlands of Vietnam

The new Starbucks Reserve™ Vietnam Đưng K'Nớ highlights smallholder farmers and the local coffee culture, and their significance throughout Starbucks journey in Vietnam. This blend is sourced from the Central Highlands of Vietnam and remote town of Đưng K'Nớ, home to the K’Ho people - a matriarchal indigenous community where 82 smallholder farmers work diligently to preserve the cultural traditions while embracing responsible farming practices.

Starbucks Reserve™ Vietnam Đưng K'Nớ is a delicious, smooth coffee featuring a light roast that brings out balanced notes of fresh lemongrass and sweet apricot. It bears the results of Đưng K'Nớ farmers’ effort in producing exquisite Arabica beans, and manifests the heart of Vietnamese heritage over a rare, intimate coffee experience.