Starbucks and the Food Bank launch hunger relief pilot program in Vietnam

Starbucks Vietnam and Food Bank Vietnam joined together in partnership to combat hunger by signing a strategic cooperation agreement on August 22, 2023. Through the agreement, the two parties announced their plans to conduct a pilot program that aims to enhance awareness about food waste reduction and provide quality food supplies to communities in need.

Partnership in reducing food waste and combating hunger

Starbucks Vietnam and Food Bank Vietnam are constructing a pilot program focused on reducing food waste in select stores in Ho Chi Minh City. This initiative sets the premise for programs to minimize food waste in the community as well as provide food to communities in need.

Through this partnership, the two parties are jointly committed to creating a positive impact on the communities in need in Vietnam.

"We are really happy to kick off this project with Food Bank Vietnam. Starbucks truly appreciates what the community gives us, and our mission is to give back as much as possible to create a better and more sustainable life," said Ms. Patricia Marques, General Manager of Starbucks Vietnam. "After a decade in the Vietnamese market, we continue to commit to sustainable business practices, reducing environmental impacts, and working towards a modern sustainable community. This agreement is the first stage of our commitment to hunger relief, and we look forward to expanding this meaningful initiative in the future."

The partnership between Food Bank Vietnam and Starbucks Vietnam marks a significant step towards food waste reduction and environmental protection. Both organizations will make efforts to continuously cooperate and present new initiatives in order to enhance the environment and provide hunger relief in Vietnam.

"The agreement solidifies both enterprises as significant partners to co-create and develop new societal values in the future” said Ms. Nguyen Hoang Truc Linh, CEO of Food Bank Vietnam. "Food Bank Vietnam takes on the role of raising awareness and combating food waste through green activities, including distributing and sharing Starbucks products with various entities, including organizations, shelters, open homes, and individuals in need."

In addition to the partnership with Food Bank Vietnam, Starbucks Vietnam, together with its nonprofit partners, has also created positive impact on the local communities it serves. Starbucks partners (employees) have assisted in the building of nine Aqua Towers with Planet Water Foundation, providing access to clean, safe drinking water, handwashing and sanitation infrastructure across rural Vietnam. A "Reusable Campaign” at stores also encourages customers to shift from single-use plastics to reusables, including reusable cup through a "Personal Cup" campaign encouraging customers to enjoy their favorite drinks with their own serve ware.

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