Cherry blossom season arrives at Starbucks in Japan

The first signs of spring are blooming at Starbucks stores across Japan. Customers can enjoy new seasonal beverages, merchandise and exciting in-store AR experiences on their mobile device for a limited time.


  • Sakura Sakusaku Frappuccino® blended beverage: A creamy blend of strawberry, cream and a base of sakura jelly topped with whipped cream and crispy pieces of strawberry macaron.
  • Sakura Soy Latte: A smooth blend of soymilk and sakura strawberry sauce topped with shaved white chocolate petals and pink silver sugar.


At the Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo, customers can enjoy six seasonal beverages alongside a spring interpretation of a yearlong favorite, as well as seasonal Princi® baked treats.

  • Barrel Aged Cold Brew: This customer favorite gets updated for spring with a delightful seasonal ice cube.
  • Sakura Macchiato: A beverage featuring a smooth and soft mouthfeel that combines chocolate with Starbucks Reserve® Gravitas Blend® coffee, topped with strawberry cream. This beverage is inspired by cherry blossoms in full bloom dancing in the wind.
  • Rose Raspberry & Lychee Tea: Sakura Allure Tea combined with raspberry puree and lychee juice, with a sweet, tart taste and gorgeous aroma reminiscent of roses.
  • Snow Blossom: Made with Sakura Allure Tea, cacao juice and goishicha fermented tea from Kochi Prefecture, finished with sweet amazake.
  • Arriviamo™ Frozen Decadent Strawberry: A frozen delight made from Strawberry Mint Oolong Tea, featuring the freshness of oolong and herbs alongside the fruity acidity of strawberries, topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry Espuma.
  • Arriviamo™ Frozen Serene Strawberry: The same delightful taste as the Arriviamo™ Frozen Decadent Strawberry with less than 1% alcohol.
  • Serene Irish Coffee: Another interpretation of one of the Arriviamo™ bar’s most popular classical cocktails with less than 0.8% alcohol.
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